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The public relations business is booming and good people are in short supply. Check PRBlogNews for the latest hot jobs in the New York area and throughout the U.S.

5W PR, the nations fastest growing pr firm seeks sr level food and beverage specialist to handle top tier national accounts.  New York.  Resumes to

Text 100 is looking for a mid-senior level Account Manager in the Information Technology & Services practice. Become a pivotal member of the rapidly expanding tech PR practice. New York. See PRBlogNews Jobs

Turner Broadcasting System seeks Director, Public Relations, New York. Will be responsible for the day-to-day communications and publicity efforts for TNT, TBS and TCM programming in the New York and national market.  The ideal candidate must have eight to 10 years of directly related experience with a demonstrated record of success in television publicity. See PRBlogNews Jobs

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, New York, seeks full-time public relations associate. See PRBlogNews Jobs

At PRBlogNews Job Center you can filter your search for hot PR jobs at major metro areas throughout the U.S. Get the job you deserve today.

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Calacanis Freaks

Yo, Jason, chill. Jason McCabe Calacanis, crowned prince of the boom, survivor, arrogant visionary, fledgling poker player, yo-yo dieter, is so bummed by the social media thing he is turning off comments on his blog. Too much Facebook. Too many connections that lead to other connections that lead to nowhere. Too many supposed time savers that are really time wasters. Although Jason now lives high in Brentwood he is from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where I grew up. He doesn’t like all these people in his face even though his style is totally in your face. I get it. There’s nothing to say anyway. I say we all go the way of Mike Gravel. SEE POST BELOW.

Speak Up …

Senator Mike Gravel is running for President. He has something to say. He is breaking through the clutter. What is he  saying? Listen closely.

Shakespeare? Ripples to infinity? Senator Gravel explains “the rock.”

PR Week In Review 07.29.07

Mark Rose PR Week In Review July 29, 2007The big news this week was that Hillary Clinton displayed a hint of cleavage on the Senate floor. This elicited a major story in the Washington Post and reaction from news organizations, bloggers and candidates. Supposedly, the sight of cleavage sent Patrick Leahy and Arlen Specter to gasping fits and required respirators to be brought in so the Senate could continue its endless interrogation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who fortunately could not recall the incident. “The Cleavage Conundrum,” as the New York Times calls it, continues to dominate the presidential campaign.  — Read the rest of the story on Strumpette

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PR Week in Review 07.22.07

Week in Review StrumpetteI poked Amanda Chapel this week. I was respectful, took proper precaution and I think it was good, if not brief, for both of us. Emboldened by my first successful poke on Facebook I began to poke others. With all this indiscriminate poking going on it’s no wonder that this online community is propagating at an alarming rate.  A “poke” on Facebook is equivalent of saying ‘yo, wassup’ and then moving on until you get some kind of response. You poke, gather friends, join groups, add all kinds of widgets and doohickeys to your profile and something is supposed to happen. Your life changes? You find the perfect mate, the perfect job, zing! make that connection you dreamed of your whole life? Or you simply waste more time futzing around the Net. — See the rest of the story on Strumpette

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