NYC to Paris: A Love Fest

It’s been whirlwind week for Paris Hilton, and the rest of us who breathe the air that surrounds her – that air can carry on the jet stream from the Hollywood Hills to Manhattan Valley.  She was released from prison, got to eat Taco Bell, went corporate and Paris Hiltonbland for Larry King, and she’s on the cover of People looking like an out of place Cosmo girl.  Wow. I knew there was some serious PR positioning going on here but can you re-invent yourself on such in a mass scale in a matter of days? Apparently.

Paris has discovered a new, deeper kind of love, the love of the admiration of the people – so now we can deepen our appreciation of her. It is a Diana-kind of celebrity that penetrates and transcends, that’s what she’s after. In that respect she is much more mature than Lindsay and Britney. Paris has “meetings” and talks about her many businesses. If anything, the outfit she chose for the Larry King interview was “corporate.” She looked like a successful careeer woman who just happened to spend 23 days in prison. She was suited up for Fortune, not Vanity Fair.

Paris earns her own money, she wanted to make that clear. This means that we will have to grow up with Paris, we will have to mature as she matures, every revelation of hers will be ours, and wait until she finally finds the first love of her life, who will surely be the first of many. Can you imagine a Paris Hilton wedding? It would be sure global chaos.


  1. Paris is so corporate she is such an awesome success !

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