92% Say Lindsay Should Do Time

TMZ.Com is reporting that Lindsay Lohan was allegedly coked up and legally drunk when she crashed her car in Beverly Hills on Memorial Lindsay LohanDay weekend. The Police could present the case to the D.A. in the next few days. Lindsay recently re-upped after an initial stay in rehab. More than 15,000 have weighed in so far on a survey on the leading gossip news site and the consensus is overhwleming: throw her in the slammer.

With Lindsay out of sight in rehab and likely going up the river to the Big House, the road is paved with gold for Paris to emerge as the successful power woman of the future. Britney was recently photographed topless, trying on underwear. She looked dumpy and trashy. Right now Britney is running a distant third, with Lindsay likely to catch the spotlight in the next few news cycles.

Meanwhile, Paris has rented a Malibu beach house for the summer and will treat herself to some post prison R&R as she gears up to become the next gen Martha meets Angelina meets Diana meets Madonna. Nothing else is happening in the world at the moment. Over and out.

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