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Coolhunting - chasing down the next big thingI have been on to these Coolhunting guys for a couple of months, since they started the Swarm Creativity Blog in  a marketing push to support their new book “Coolhunting – Chasing Down the Next Big Thing” . Peter Gloor and Scott Cooper, co-authors of the book, were members of a live online Coolhunt for a month, ending in May, and logged it on the Swarm blog.

These are cool characters. Gloor studies Collaborative Innovation Networks at MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence, develops networking and data visualization software, and wrote “Swarm Creativity – Competitive Advantage through Collaborative Innovation Networks”. Cooper is a writer and a research affiliate at the MIT Sloan School. 

The book itself and the Swarm blog were interesting in the never-ending quest to find cool, a pursuit I surrender to completely for some segment of every day. How do you define cool? It seems completely intuitive and personal. Can somebody teach you to spot cool, or do you you just know it when you see Miles Davis blowing his horn? What is cool on the Net? The rules of the Coolhunt on the Swarm blog were to do at least one site, one blog post, one comment on another blog, and try to make one personal connection via email or phone. It brought several perspectives together to hunt cool and it was fun to enjoy the hunt for a change rather than concentrate on bagging the game. 

Anyway, the Coolhunting guys were responsible for some pretty cool PR for us to examine, although they may not know it (then again, they might).

Amacom books, publisher of Coolhunting, hired Patron Saint Productions to conduct an online marketing program. Patron Saint, based in New Orleans, tries “to find novel ways to bring books to the attention of readers without bothering those who aren’t interested.” Steve O’Keefe, Executive Director of Patron Saint, moderated the live online Coolhunts chronicled on the Swarm blog. O’Keefe is the author of Complete Guide to Internet Publicity.

With the blessing of the publisher Amacom, Patron Saint has made their online campaign open for review.

The Blog PR Report (html) for the Coolhunting campaign is a precise, methodical chronicle of approaches to specific blogs, what they offered (a review copy of the book, a request for coverage), and status of the blogger approach. This report shows how old school new media can be. It is still a matter of issuing news and following up, working the media list. I checked out all the links on this media list of social networking blogs and all seemed high quality, well put together, worthy of a serious audience. There is no other way to do this, except blog by blog, conversation to conversation. I did not see any coverage of the book but that doesn’t mean it does not exist.

The Discussion Group Postings Report (MS Word doc) shows the 50-plus discussion groups where Patron Saint posted a message about the Coolhunt program and offered to send an excerpt from the book upon request.

All cool stuff.

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