Hillary Ups The Ante With Mob Inspired Web Video

Hillary Clinton campaign video

Is that Johnny Sack from the Sopranos up there in a web video announcing Hillary Clinton’s campaign song. How brilliant is that? Nearly as brilliant as getting husband Bill to play a central role in the video, and for the brief script to mirror the last cryptic minutes of the last episode of the Sopranos. Those Clintons have a knack for an accurate middle of the road reading of the American mass psyche – they’ll need it to fend off Barack Obama – but really the song sucks. It is this weepy over the top Celine Dion show stopper that doesn’t exactly rouse you to patriotic fervor, or inspire a vision of the promised land. Can’t we bring back Fleetwood Mac?  Instead of Bill and Hillary, this time it’s Hillary and Bill, and we can accept that we are getting two for the price of one. That’s progress. And it gives the Clintons an edge that could win this election.

New York, New York, New York:  With New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg switching from Republican to Independent, positioning for a Presidential run, we could  plausibly have three New York politicians – Hillary, Rudy, and Mike – duking it out for the presidency. We the people, the people of New York, haven’t held the White House since Franklin Roosevelt. I always thought that Rudy Giuliani was too ‘New York prosecutor’ to appeal to a national audience (9/11 romanticized that image), and that Hillary was too bland to be a real New Yorker (Charlie Rangel and husband Bill helped change that). Bloomberg started out as a Wall Street trader, built a financial news empire that netted him billions, ran the city like a business and, many would agree, largely transcended politics while improving New York. That’s a compelling story. I am sure that we’ll see the video soon on YouTube. See A Real New York Brawl? from The Caucus, The New York Times.

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