Blogs We Love #3: Marc Andreessen

Marc AndreessenMost bloggers have to build up an audience over time, connecting to issues and other bloggers, hitting on an occasional hot topic that might spike readership. Most business blogs plumb a narrow field of issues and appeal to a niche audience. It is the “narrow and deep” factor accepted as the norm for blog success.

Then most bloggers are not Marc Andreessen, who  launched his blog blog.pmarca earlier this month. The blog has taken off like a rocket with many admiring posts around the blogosphere echoing a common response: wow, how does he do it?

Andreessen is chair of Opsware, a software company, co-founder of Ning, a consumer Internet company, and most notably co-founder of Netscape, and co-author of the pioneering browser Mosaic. This makes Andreessen practically Internet royalty. What took him so long to launch a blog? Has he been holding back his brilliance to unleash it in a torrent?

Apparently he has. The stated topics for Andreessen’s blog are technology, business, media, his companies (Ning, Opsware, angel investments), although he is comfortable enough straying into movie and book reviews and whatever else seems to interest him. The blog is strictly anti-design ala Craig’s List or Google, a sort of geek badge that means content is everything, the rest is nonsense. Andreessen’s analysis of the current Web 2.0 vs. the 2000 Internet bubble is long, engaging, comprehensive – brilliant.  He’s a great source – a major player in the first tech run, and an emerging player in this one – whose words carry the sort of gravitas we are hungry for.

You could take a week dissecting, analyzing and debating almost any post on Andreessen’s blog but then you could drive yourself crazy because he is posting at least once a day, every day. Andreessen’s blog is basically a tour around his brain at any given moment. It’s rare that we can gain entrance to such an interesting and varied source of news and opinion. 

Blogs We Love #3 was tipped to us by the #2 blog we love: A VC

Any revenue generated by this blog will be donated to a nonprofit organization founded by Andreessen’s wife. It will be interesting to see how he monitizes the blog – it is not even three weeks old – and if he can maintain this pace of producing content. There is no doubt that this blog has brought Andreessen a lot of attention and will probably help in his company scouting and fund raising efforts. I imagine it is taking a huge chunk of his time to feed the beast. He seems to enjoy the attention.  He is incredibly organized and detailed in how he presents content. He even has a “Coming Soon” section, listing the topics of eight future posts. Amazing.

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