Feeling social

The Social Media Club, which we declared dead here yesterday (with no refutation from its ‘leaders’), failed for several fundamental reasons:

- There was no social media. Throwing up a wiki or occasionally posting to a blog is not social media. First define it, then use it. Neither took place.

- There was no purpose. What were we trying to accomplish? Who knew.

-  Lack of response. Unresponsive to membership requests, ideas, offers to help.

- Too ambitious. Suddenly there was a national club, branding, workshops when it wasn’t working on a local level, at least not here in New York. And if you ain’t making it here …

Maybe the definition of social media has to preceed the organization and the utilization of social media, once defined, should be the central focus and purpose of the organization. Social media is the collaboration and development of community around an idea, a concept, an ideal, a shared quest at least in which you can use ‘media’ to further the community. YouTube is not really social media. I go there, I get a video, I swap. It’s a tool, not a place to hang out. YouTube is broad, immediate and spread out. Real communities are narrow and deep. MyRagan is a stab at a community, at least the tools to build a community are there, you get a sense of responsiveness and involvement by the owners. Once the novelty wears off, how much time are we going to spend on MyRagan? Seeing the faces and getting involved in the struggles we all face in PR, especially in this confusing hyper-active time, does have its comforts. So why doesn’t the MyRagan gang organize face-to-face meetings on ‘Social Media’ so we can all get social? Grandma Esther, God bless her, would be happy.

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