NY Social Media Club Dead

Somebody has to acknowledge the obvious so I may as well do it. The New York Social Media Club, floundering and searching for leadership and purpose, is dead. For months, members have been begging for direction, offering to help, to no avail. Howard Greenstein, who is supposed to be heading the thing in NY, does not call. No meeting is set for this or any other month. I left several suggestions to go forward on the club blog – no response. Chris Heuer and Howard Greenstein, co-founders with big aspirations, had a parting of the ways and it seems like the whole endeavor is going down the tubes before it had a chance to take off. I have removed the Social Media Club tag from my site. Next?


  1. Howard Greenstein says:


    I realize that as a public figure, and the leader of the NY club, I do have a responsibility to keep the club going, and to make things happen. I didn’t realize it had to happen in your version of a timeframe.

    An alternative to your blog-prodding is to step up to the public wiki (it is open at
    http://socialmediaclub.pbwiki.com/ – click local teams, then New York and answer the items I put there, and emailed about to the public NY Social Media Club email list right after the last meeting. See this page http://socialmediaclub.pbwiki.com/New+York+Volunteers
    and join Jeff Keefer in volunteering. Steve Eisenberg has done some volunteering already, as has Laurence Koret.

    Howard Greenstein

  2. Mark Rose says:


    Any version of a timeframe would do. So, what did you say your plans were for NY Social Media Club? Or can we pronounce it dead? Is the national organization dead – all we get there are Chris Heuer’s anguished pleas for help while I see people all over offering to help. Somewhere there is a big disconnect in this “social media” thing. Do you have time for this – or should we call it quits?


  3. Chris Heuer says:

    Thank you for proving my original impression of you was correct.


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