If it’s Monday, this must be Paris

Paris HiltonThe world stopped on Friday, as crazed paparazzi, dueling lawmen, lynch-mob commentators, and one over-the-top distraught heiress collided to make us all, for one shining moment, remember the glorious days of OJ. It’s no mistake that this stuff happens in L.A., which has established a news apparatus that can handle the celebrity handcuff moment. Does she have the cuffs on? Is she handcuffed? was the big wagging question for about 20 minutes. Then there are the helicopters that follow every move - that may or may not be Paris Hilton down there in that police caravan. Just the hope that it might be Paris down there was enough to keep us glued to the Internet raw footage from the local TV news outlets. The footage can be real raw. Cameraman kibbitzing with producer in the studio. Logistical banter. But it keeps you in the scene, in the news, until you flow into the official “Breaking News” interruption that is shown on TV.

Google doesn’t do it for breaking news. There is a 60-90 minute lag time before Google is picking up that Paris is on her way back to jail. TMZ.com is the unofficial newswire of the celebrity moment.  On the site that morning, they they had the photocopied order from the Judge forcing Paris back to court (his handwriting was bold and forceful – go directly to jail, do not pass go).  Does TMZ really break news? Well, the Judge said he read about Paris not wanting to come to court on TMZ. TMZ broke the Mel Gibson story. TMZ founder Harvey Levin is a regular TV guest commentator on celeb stories. TMZ intended to open up a capitol branch – TMZDC – but they couldn’t find the staff or story mix to make it work. There’s no gossip like Hollywood gossip. TMZ gets thousands of comments on individual blog posts and is the 11th most popular blog, according to Technorati.

Blogs don’t work for breaking news either. There is an annoying contagion of ‘echo blogs’ that simply repeat news reports verbatim as they occur. They don’t add anything to the story, they simply ping the same info around the Internet. Google’s ‘blog search’ is too slow catching up. The best source I found is Internet-based raw feeds from local TV.

And now Paris is a martyr for world peace. Not 48 hours after she is in jail again and we get the statement that is supposed to re-frame Paris into the strong, selfless woman who cares about world affairs. The news is that Paris is likely de-toxing from something, having a horrible time, on suicide watch and a ‘statement’ is released saying: “I would hope going forward that the public and the media will focus on more important things, like the men and women serving our country in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places around the world.”

Elliott Mintz, baby, you are a genius. When will Paris be entertaining the troops?

Want more? See “Week In Review” I pen on Strumpette. This week’s episode is on Michael Kempner, MWW, and the ugly PR blogola program for Nikon.

Meanwhile, enjoy this wonderful video “Paris Hilton Goes Back to Jail.” Fun, fun, fun.


  1. It does appear that the Hilton family is trying to do a bit of rebranding for Paris. The call to Barbara Walters was highly amusing with Paris stating, “Now, I would like to make a difference. … God has given me this new chance.” That’s the fastest 180 I’ve ever seen. Let’s see if she can stick to the rebranding plan when she gets out of jail. So far, I’m not buying it.

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