OJ-style frenzy follows Paris to court.

2:35 PM EST, NYC: Cut all programming. It’s live every second, every move, with hundreds of paparazzi and media swarming the Sheriff’s car Pris Hiltonwith a handcuffed prisoner in the back, being taken to face the judge. Photographers and reporters were trampled outside the Hilton’s Hollywood Hills estate, and a couple of frenzied paparazzi even ran after the squad car as it made its escape. Choppers hovering overhead are following Squad Car #865 on the freeway as it makes its way in light traffic to the court.  The sheriff’s car is currently at the intersection of the 10 and the 110 freeways, pulling up to the courthouse. Media from all over the world is set-up in front of the court. See live coverage through KNBC.com Los Angeles. “Why oh why are we so fascinated with all this?” asks the TV Anchor.  I don’t know but if you are it doesn’t get better than this. Are we ready for Paris in Jail – the sequel? And this story has not even really yet begun. Love the live feeds from local TV. They pull in raw footage you never see on TV, and other web-based video sources. It’s more raw and immediate than TV.

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