Monday morning down.

Definite drama brewing as competing media mogul families duke it out with a $5 billion pot in the middle and a Strumpette Week In Review 6-03-07jewel brand as the prize. It’s not the Montagues and Capulets, although there is no love lost between the two families and the battle can be Shakespearian in proportion. That’s what we have this week with Rupert Murdoch meeting the Bancrofts today to slap the Aussie woo on the current keepers of Dow Jones. See my analysis on Strumpette Week in Review 6-3-07. Kekst is representing the Bancroft family. Howard Rubenstein has represented Murdoch, as well as Murdoch’s New York Post, for decades.

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Blogger & Podcaster MagazineDig into the June issue of Blogger & Podcaster magazine. Not only is it the first and only magazine for our industry (it premiered last month), it is the first magazine I actually enjoy reading online, thanks to the magazine-reading software. We also now have an industry association, International Blogging & New Media Association (IBNMA), dedicated to education, collaboration, communication, and advocacy. See page 45 of the magazine for details. Miles Durfee is president. He can be reached at

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I have been exploring the virtual lanes and back alleys of and I am impressed how they narrow the outside.inweb down to your surrounding neighborhoods. I found the UptownFlavor blog that has news and events of my neighborhood near Harlem, plus locally produced videos. The UpperGreenSide blog has news about ‘green’ initiatives concerning the Upper East & Upper West sides of Manhattan, including sustainable food, clean transportation, energy efficiency, and waste reduction. Seems like a great way to connect with neighbors and to find fun and educational local events.


  1. Mark, thanks for the nice comments about Blogger & Podcaster. It’s great to get feedback about our digital edition. We think it’s a unique way to combine the feeling of reading online, with the design elements of a print magazine.

    -shelly Brisbin
    Blogger & Pocaster

    You’re not from Austin, TX are you? I know a Mark Rose.

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