Venality. Gluttony. Greed. Sloth. Vengeance. PR.

beastLos Angeles — Transparency, authenticity, full disclosure – these are buzz terms we hear every day in online PR (especially here at the PR Online Convergence conference).  There is a utopian trust in the “wisdom of the crowd” and the democratization of information and the self-correcting, self-policing Internet. These are nice concepts that go along with reading Siddhartha and marching for world peace. But this is PR. 

In reality, we are flogged by agency bosses and clients to “get results” now.  That usually means by any means necessary. Spam and telemarket the media, beg, bend the truth, call in your chits – you don’t get three ‘hits’ today that client is out the door and you are in the hot seat. In order to be successful at media relations – still synonymous with public relations in most circles – you need to be a beast, not a saint. Where is the disconnect?

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R.I.P. Press Release? Part II

Is the press release dead? The answer, sadly, is no. Unequivocally, no.Die Press Release

Back in Jan. 31 I blogged Part I about the imminent death of the traditional press release and the advent of the (SMR) social media press release. The post was essentially a re-hash of old news so I was surprised by how many comments it generated and the dialogue it re-ignited on the New Media Release Google group. I promised Part II after some research. Belatedly, here it is.

Sadly, the traditional press release is still widely used, deeply diminishing in its effectiveness, a huge waste of client time and money, and a big source of tension and stress between PR and mainstream media (MSM). PR still relentlessly spams media with deeply vetted, one-way, homogenized, marginal news. Most press releases thankfully disappear from the radar nanoseconds after they are released, like useless info junk. The residue remains.

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Trains, Planes & Automobiles

Beside being one of the best and funniest movies ever, it is my life today. Early morning train to the plane will get me in to L.A. a little after noon to (hopefully) a waiting car. My preferred transport these days is the subway, with an occasional cab or bus. The open spaces, no matter airplanehow congested and smogged up, will be a jolt. Ah, the freedom of the auto, a nice drive around Malibu with the top down. L.A. does have its slight, transitory pleasures.

There’s that whole L.A./New York thing that is disconcerting (is there really nothing in between) but I have the new Condé Nast Portfolio to keep me company on the flight. It looks sumptuous and imposing, a cross between New Yorker and Wired, two other Condé Nast properties.

Do we really need another business magazine? Yes! Business 2.0, FastCompany, and Red Herring, used to be big, fat, and exciting. Now they are old, tired, and skimpy.  Maybe it takes Condé Nast to resurrect the glamor and panache in business. 

Next dispatches from the left coast.

PRBlogNews New Media Lab Introduces Cruxy

Brooklyn rules. Yes, we display a slight (read huge) bias toward anything coming out of Brooklyn, but Cruxy is truly reason to celebrate.

Evangelical entrepreneurship is alive and thriving and multiplying in Brooklyn as Cruxy co-founders Nathan Freitas and Jon Oakes (left) talk it over in front of a wall in Williamsburg.

What are they saying?

They are saying that Cruxy offers marketing, monetization and performance tools for digital creators – filmmakers, musicians or any kind of artists.

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Flack Back Mintzing Words And Parsing Truth For Paris

Elliot Mintz must have his own map to the further reaches of reality and a substantial fictitious lexicon to explain it to the Elliott Mintz & Paris Hiltonworld. Yesterday’s news was Mintz writing an open letter saying that he was no longer representing Paris Hilton because of a “misunderstanding” that led to her 45-day jail term for violating parole

Exit with grace, take the bullet for the client, be an upstanding chap, move on, have a wonderful life. But no, not in the drama-by-the-pound air of Hollywood and Paris. Today we have Mintz back representing the addled heiress and pretending like yesterday never happened, proving that in the world of real flackery reality is malleable, instantly revisionist, and as fleeting as fame.

Elliot Mintz, baby, you belong in the Flack Hall of Fame.

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