video over the Internet booms – where is PR?

Video 2.0 NYC MeetupLast night at the Video 2.0 NY Meetup at Columbia University, Uris Hall, it was once again demonstrated how important the Internet video boom has become, especially in New York. The move toward video on the Net is a promising development in the 3-D’ing of the web, making our web experience more engaging and incrementally advancing the web as the source for entertainment and news, replacing television.  The innovation is here in New York, getting bigger, better, more integrated.

Is ooVoo, as promised, “changing the way people interact over the Internet?” Nope. The technology is not there yet. But ooVoothe idea to have multiple screens of video streams for real-time web-based conversations is good. The company has private equity funding to burn for a couple of years to build marketshare and stave off competitors, says the CEO Philippe Schwartz.

Where does PR fit into the Internet video boom?

Media relations is increasingly depending on video. The video interview with the CEO or other C-Suite exec is becoming more commonplace on news sites, and company sites. Virtual worlds like Second Life are drawing intense interest, and impressive big-name corporate backing. Video as a communication tool is the present future. Anything that gets us away from the stagnant, textual monologue of the press release is a good thing.

PodCamp Echo

John HavensI met a lot of great people at PodCamp NYC last April and continue to follow-up with many of them. Jason Van Orden, podcasting consultant and podcast marketer, is in the beta stages of a podcasting course he expects to release in July. Stay tuned.  Be sure to check out John Havens (left) blog on podcasting for lots of great tips and links. John  is a former (some would say current) actor who is also a podcast production and marketing consultant. John says that podcasts are increasingly found to be effective in business-to-business applications.


  1. Thanks for the mention and picture, Mark! And I highly recommend anyone check out JVO’s course. He’s one of the folks who inspired me to podcast.


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