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L.A. is really nowhere when it comes to PR new media and Seattle isn’t even on the map. Coming back from those two places to Lindsay Lohan screaming from the headlines of the newspapers on the streets of the upper west side you realize that New York has an identity in this new communication renaissance: we’re the new media capital of the universe, as we should be. Rupert Murdoch in your face, baby. Where else would the vanguard of new media spring from?

The PR agency business is heavily concentrated in New York and Silicon Alley is re-emerging with a greater focus and new identity. Media relations has its greatest significance here because this is predominately where the media is headquartered. PR, Advertising & Marketing are duking it out for the New Media dollars – this is where the main event is.

Some prelims:  Tonight at Columbia University Video 2.0 NYC convenes for another impressive talent show.  This is the real deal – you get a feeling there is money in the room to make things happen fast for these fledgling companies. The CEO of ooVoo, with the intriguing name of Philippe Schwartz, sent a video greeting to the Video 2.0 group that was a nice intro and elicited some business connections. ooVoo, says, Philippe “is changing the way people interact over the Internet.” Wow. Quite a promise. We’ll see tonight. Credit Yaron Samid, the ringmaster of these proceedings, with keeping the show rolling. Other presenters: CacheLogic - “Revolutionizing Digital Media Delivery” – A lot of bold claims here – and Roo Media “Unleashing your video to the world.” PRBlogNews profiled Cruxy, a Video 2.0 NYC success story.

What gives with New York Social Media Club? Craig Newmark, founder, Craig’s List, is the sold out guest tomorrow night at the New York Social Media Club, held at Fleishman Hillard, 42nd street. This is the first “meeting” of Social Media Club since Jay Rosen briefed us on his brilliant Assignment Zero on March 29. It is impressive to get Craig Newmark but there is no activity in the group between meetings, there are no great issues we are debating, no sense of community, no “social” aspect. What gives, Chris and Howard?  And why are meetings held at big PR agency conference rooms? Can’t we break out here a little bit? There is a Social Media Club Leadership Council that is supposed to decide the weighty issues but what about the wisdom of the crowds? There are no avenues for volunteers to contribute and no ongoing communication and support for members. The train is chugging down the track guys. Are we going to jump on?

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  1. Howard Greenstein says:

    Thanks for the post. Yes, in my transition from running SMC nationally to just being the local volunteer leader, I did drop the ball on organizing a local leadership meeting.
    Steve Eisenberg has been kind enough to step up to run logisitics for tonight’s get together. Because of him we’ll have food and drink.
    We do need a set of volunteers, because as you fairly point out, there need to be more meetings.
    I think I hear you stepping up here (as you did email about this topic once before) so thank you. Look forward to having this discussion as part of the meeting tonight.

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