So Vus Dis Fuss Over My Ragan ?

Jewish grandmaIf Grandma Esther were alive she would say that Strumpette was practically kvelling in the post yesterday about the new MySpace-like community for PR & communicators called MyRagan. “So vus is all the fuss with this social media,” Grandma Esther might say. “In my day we talked to each other. What happened with that?”

I don’t know, grandma. Now we create profiles and avatars and we send out little pieces of ourselves, or create personas we would like to be, and have them interact. I know how it is – you show YourFace on MySpace too often and grandpa would start wondering what’s going on here.

My Ragan is different because it’s all PR agency, corp comm and HR people, meaning what? We are forced to muck round with all the people we try to avoid? This is admirable, this stab at a community for us who have been trained to remain behind the curtain, although I wonder about the result.

At a previous PR agency I worked for we often shared an elevator with the people who were going to the hip ad agency in the same building. It was easy to see who was who. The ad people wore Armani, looked cool and hip and monied and extroverted. The PR people wore Brooksgate and looked haggard and introverted and worried. The ad people won $100 million accounts. The PR people won $100,000 accounts.

So what kind of community would we create? A community worth populating? Can we stop the ‘PR speak’ and have conversations instead of issuing personal press releases? Are we capable of posts that go beyond the following lifted from MyRagan?  

Under the leadership of marketing maven Mary Dillon, McDonald’s uses user-generated content to reach a new generation of consumers, as reported in the Chicago Tribune.


  1. Darcy says:

    This is a fascinating and well-written article even to someone outside the PR and advertising world. Grandma Esther, can you hear us?

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