PR Online Convergence Roundup

Feel an empty void and need to fill it? Try public relations. 

Jason CalacanisJason Calacanis, the luncheon speaker here today at PR Online Convergence, says he used to have a voice mail that essentially told PR people to screw off. Now he’s speaking at a PR conference. He’s mellowed over the years since I saw him at the last boom in 1999 but he’s matured less. He likes to have fun, with others and himself. He sold his blog company to AOL for $30 million and he’s still having fun. You want to hate the guy.

But he’s from Brooklyn, he grew up in the same neighborhood I did (Bay Ridge) and I can’t do that. He’s too funny. And he’s serious when he says SEO sucks and it’s about gaming the system and it’s wrong and will disappear. He’s serious when he wonders what Edelman was thinking with its Acer Ferrari blog giveaway or the fake Wal-Marting of America. He’s serious when he speaks of authenticity, being true to your ‘voice’, creating compelling content and kung fu blogging paractices he (or someone like him) sometimes employs (and I thought I was the only one).

Some people hate him, some people hate him deeply, he says. Hey, he grew up in Brooklyn, where you were judged by how well you could take it and dish it and not show it. He can engage the people who hate him and turn them into fans. It’s a game, and you might as well have fun with it.

Which is why I am a little perturbed by the Phil Gomes comment on yesterday’s PRBlogNews post. Thin skin, sheesh. For Phil Gomes?the record the photo on the right is more likely that of Phil Gomes than the one that ran on this blog yesterday. Humor is subjective, especially on the web, when intent cannot be easily determined. With yesterday’s photo I did not mean to imply that Phil Gomes is a naked ass or a voyeur.

Seriously folks (ta dum), our clients are often in the crossfire. They are vilified, castigated, investigated, indicted, jailed, blog mobbed, they endure all sorts of emotional, psychological, and monetary punishment, and we are there to shield and guide them. The Presidential candidates are lambasted and tested every day. They roll with it.

The day of the behind the scenes PR person is over, especially when we speak at conferences, published blogs, and can be categorized as a ‘public persona.’  Yo, dawg, bang it up a bit and have some fun with it.

More on the conference next week …

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