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Brooklyn rules. Yes, we display a slight (read huge) bias toward anything coming out of Brooklyn, but Cruxy is truly reason to celebrate.

Evangelical entrepreneurship is alive and thriving and multiplying in Brooklyn as Cruxy co-founders Nathan Freitas and Jon Oakes (left) talk it over in front of a wall in Williamsburg.

What are they saying?

They are saying that Cruxy offers marketing, monetization and performance tools for digital creators – filmmakers, musicians or any kind of artists.

Cruxy’s tools give artists the power to share their work on Cruxy or across the web using the Cruxy Social Player. Cruxy Cruxyalso gives creators the ability to sell their work as digital downloads. The artist chooses the retail price and the file format. Cruxy registers the work with search engines, generates thumbnails and previews and handles all aspects of the financial transaction. Cruxy also provides a robust set of analytical tools so that creators can track and improve their progress.

“On Cruxy the artist has full control over the analytics of how people are discovering their work. They can see where their audience is coming from,” Nathan Freitas told PRBlogNews. “Most artists don’t realize the potential of commerce over the Net and the marketing tools at their disposal. We bring it to them.”

Freitas, 31, grew up in California but he is now a fervent New Yorker. More precise, he is a staunch and proud Brooklynite. He and the Cruxyites believe that New York is the center of the collision of media and technology and the nucleus is in Brooklyn. “We are real happy to be here,” says Freitas.

CruxyFreitas and Oakes, and the other Cruxy co-founder Will Meyer, know enough to know better. Freitas and Oakes rode the boom to its logical conclusion when they sold their company ThinAir Apps, for a cool $19 million in 2001. The reality of taxes and legal fees and expenses and what not quickly corroded that lofty figure and they don’t pretend to be rich, far from it.

“We are working together to create a new way of doing business on the web. We have a hundred percent control, so we can be altruistic in our motives. We don’t have to be YouTube or MySpace. We are more focused on attracting serious, creative people,” says Freitas.

Cruxy is a NY Video 2.0 success story. They presented at the first MeetUp at Columbia last August and they launched 1.0 Beta earlier this month. Check out the Cruxy player on the right under “Music.”

Bottomline question. Is there money here? “Top users are now profiting in the hundreds per month. Enough to pay utilities and eat out. We want them to profit in the thousands per month, enough to pay the rent. That would be a measure of success,” says Freitas.

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