Shoot The Publicist

Bad news? Blame the publicist. Paris Hilton stoops to a new low by axing her “hard working” (as the New York Post constantly refers to him) and semantically deft publicist Elliot Mintz for allowing her to get jail time for violating her parole. This is like Al Capone killing his accountant for allowing him to get caught for tax evasion.

I have always admired Mintz. He had an incredibly tough job explaining Paris to the world and he did it admirably. He shielded her, distanced her from stupid comments by Brandon Davis about Lindsay Lohan, had us actually believing that Paris was like a big sister to Britney, and he came up with the absurd explanation for the white substance seen on Paris’ nose as a ”stray dessert.”

It’s an old axiom in PR that you have to love your client and you got the feeling that Mintz did. He was willing to stretch language to its farthest reaches to spin Paris as a little Miss Understood Heiress. See GlossLip for Mintz’s greatest hits.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse and your publicist is not your babysitter. She can use him now more than ever and she will have a hard time finding another as good. Obviously, Paris cannot fathom taking responsibility for her actions and wants to blame somebody, anybody. It’s tough when reality infringes on your well constructed fantasy life. This even beats Martha Stewart for a celebrity-in-jail story. I admit to being a Paris/Lindsay/Britney news junkie. I am powerless over my addiction.


  1. Dawn says:

    We’re all addicited to the madness of the trifecta of dimwitted celebutard.

  2. Darcy says:

    If addicted to “the trifecta of dimwitted celebutard,” one would have to admit one’s powerlessness and locate a higher power, then not take the first byte. I find the mind candy of girls acting just as I did at their age, though with fewer cameras to document my antics, a welcome relief from the latest bombings and shootings. I do think these girls should consider a PR-orchestrated move to, say, college? Then they might string together an entire sentence coherently and not HAVE to fire and re-hire publicists as often.


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