Save Pandora. Save Net Radio.

Pandora is being seriously threatened. So is all Net Radio, and we need to do something to save it now. 

Royalty rates for webcasters have been drastically increased by a recent ruling and are due to go into effect on May 15 to Jan 1, 2006!). If the increased rates remain unchanged, the majority of webcasters will go bankrupt and silent and the music will die on May 15.  See Newsweek: Radio’s Tangled Web.

Luckily, we have H.R. 2060, The Internet Radio Equality Act, introduced by Representatives Jay Inslee (D-WA) and Donald Manzullo (R-IL ) to save the Internet radio industry.  Internet radio needs your help!  See

What is Pandora?

Without Pandora my life would be seriously diminished, and the world would be a barren and lonely place. It is that serious.  <See Pandora Genomes New York>.  Pandora is a result of the music genome project. It is a free, really cool little service that lets you program online music channels according to your taste. Best of all, Pandora introduces you to new music based on your preferences and prior choices.  For those of us who love music but have neither the time or resources to find new music we like, Pandora is a savior. I can’t imagine life without it.

Save Pandora  

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