PodCamp NYC Wows The Masses

For an “un-conference” frantically produced by a bunch of disparate forces with virtually no money, PodCamp NYC last Saturday came off PodCamp NYCsmoothly for 1,300 participants at the appropriately grand and dowdy Moonie hotel, The New Yorker. In the days and weeks to come I will follow up with people I met to explore some of the technology, productions and personalities but for now the over all impression is WOW. 

I was blown away by the emerging podcast sub culture and how PodCamp has managed to draw it together. Musicians, artists, actors, producers, educators … even an occasional though gladly outnumbered PR person … came from Boston, Washington D.C., Texas, even Long Island.  One couple drove up from Virginia and attended the RSS seminar because they like to be with creative people. The guy gave out blank CDs with a cool PodCast NYC logo. No message, no product, no contact info. Just because. It was almost like a Grateful Dead concert without the electric kool aid (what was in those ubiquitous water bottles outside every room anyway?)

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PodCamp Mania NYC

PodCamp, opening Saturday morning, April 7 in NYC, seemed a couple of weeks ago like a quaint little gathering. It’s quickly snowballed into this humongo event that had to be moved from the New School to the New Yorker Hotel to accomodate the throngs. Sponsors have piled on, there are networking parties, concerts, events, and a day chock full of interesting sounding sessions – all in a “un-conference” setting. Yes, and it’s free! 

See: PodCamp NYC site … or PodCamp NYC wiki, with cool schedule that can integrate with your Google calendar to create your personal PodCamp schedule.  We’ll see you there, and we’ll report back.

Coming in from out of town? You must check out the incredible Unofficial Guide to PodCamp NYC

Anatomy of a Blogspat

earthWhen you look from space you see flare ups across the earth, weather systems, lightning, fires. The skies are always in motion and the earth is revolving. The same with the blogosphere. Little flare ups across the globe sometimes lead to bigger questions, resolutions, or all out war.  This keyboard I am typing on is merely the hardware, emotion still goes into it and that can make blogspats downright ugly. The Kathy Sierra fiasco (read Strumpette’s excellent dissection) is like the O.J. Simpson of blogspats. As ugly and bizarre and sensationalist as you can get in a virtual world. Then there are the little schoolyard brawls that are constantly brewing – like the one I inadvertently (or intentionally?) kicked off here last week.

Rosen says Mark Rose is a clown

There it is, Jay, that’s the headline you wanted to see here to counter the headline to the post I wrote on your presentation at the New York Social Media Club last week. See post: Jay Rosen - I Can Do Whatever The F%#k I Want

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Edelman Revolution At The Crossroads

“I still find some bloggers unwilling to acknowledge the positive role played by PR people; we are sometimes demonized as floggers or Richard Edelmanworse,” Richard Edelman says in the following interview with PRBlogNews.

Richard Edelman (right) is the CEO of the firm that bears the family name. Richard is the son of Daniel J., the founder and architect of the world’s largest independent public relations firm (by far), with nearly $325 million in net fees last year. In September 2004 Richard launched a blog called 6AM that secured his personal imprint on the firm, signaled a big move into the blogging/PR 2.0 space, and presaged the new era of Pioneer Thinking. From a branding and financial perspective, Pioneer Thinking has been a stellar success. Edelman net fees grew nearly 24% last year, three times the rate of the number two independent, Ruder Finn (according to O’Dwyer’s). Edelman is the hot shop in PR.

That success has come with a great deal of scrutiny, public analysis, and a constant stream of criticism. Richard Edelman’s drive to spread the mantra of the “horizontal conversation” through its many practices and 46 offices worldwide has been hampered by persistent questions about its tactics and operations. Edelman takes a thumpin’ in the April 2 story on Wal-Mart in the New Yorker, the latest in a string of stories that try to pierce the veil that cover Edelman’s strategies and tactics. Considering his constant posts that beg for understanding, it is curious that Richard Edelman is still widely misunderstood.

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