They Kill Cats, Don’t They?

First off, Mr. D is going to make it.  For those who did not follow the first PRBlogNews post on the pet food recall, Mr. Mr. DarcyDarcy is a eight year old Maine Coon who weighed 17 pounds.  He stopped eating and grew jaundiced (you can tell by the inside of his ears and mouth) and showed all the symptoms of being afflicted with the killer pet food (see Pet food recall continues to widen, Reuters, 4/20). He dropped to eight pounds and the vet was not at all sure if he would make it. His chances were 50/50 at best.

We had a feeding tube inserted but he would vomit his food. The tube came out and he had to go under anesthesia to have another inserted. He stopped breathing during the procedure. Then he came back. The area around his tube grew infected and he was raspy with a hint of pneumonia. He recovered from that. Vet bill: $2,400. We figured Mr. D used up three of his lives; he has six left.

All this is by way of saying that IAMS makes a stupendous blunder in its full page ad in the “A” section of The New York Times today. The ad is wordy and pointless on an orange background that is difficult to read. There is not one picture or graphic in the ad. The last thing mentioned is the web site.

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Rubel Denies Leaving Edelman For Twitter Rehab

Loose Twitter twaddle may have gotten ”A list” PR blogger Steve Rubel in hot water but he vows to remain at Edelman. 

Rubel had to publicly apologize yesterday to Jim Louderback, Editor in chief of PC magazine, for twitting that he threw PC magazine in the trash. Louderback wondered aloud in a guest column on Strumpette that perhaps his 11 million readers were not important to Edelman clients and maybe PC magazine should boycott all Edelman pitches.

Steve Rubel Twitter headAgghhh. That’s media death to a PR firm that pitches PC magazine for a variety of consumer tech clients. The shiny head Yoda had to Google “Apology 101″ and approximate contrition on his blog, but that does not begin to address the issue here.

Rubel’s posts have recently grown more cautious and dour as the Blog Bubble Bursts and clients are reluctant to throw good money into the PR 2.0 blackhole. Value is now trumping experimentation as the economy constricts and that old monster, fear, shrinks budgets.  

So what is Rubel’s value? He recently posted that he was deleting pitches on his computer and that made him feel like a journalist.  On a recent Twitter he dissed CNet. Media relations is obviously not his strong suit, and he is unaware of how many Edelman clients depend on PC magazine and CNet to reach their audience.

Asked by PRBlogNews if there is any truth to the reports that he is leaving Edelman, Rubel replied: “Zero. What reports? Strumpette? Please.”

The real question: If Rubel has no direct billable accountability, as a tarnished brand, has he become expendable to Edelman?

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Shared Grief Through The Internet

I was checking out the new social media-ized USA Today yesterday when the incredible numbers from the Virgina Tech massacre started flashing. From then on I was glued to the computer for dribbling details, any images, any words that could patch this tragedy together and give it some perspective.

An ABC affilate in Virginia had a live broadcast feed so I experienced the redundant tragedy-hype of Anchors trying to fill space, ”worst ever … ” “shock, horror, disbelief” until there were details but they never seemed to come.  The network websites have developed into fairly decent TV surrogates with the added features of message boards, polls, photos. USA Today has seen its registrations increase 380% since it added blogs, user comments, and enhanced user profiles last month. 

Virginia Tech shooterThe cell phone video with crackling gunfire in the background was a central captivating video on most news sites. Then there were the queries on Facebook, the hundreds of comments that were the ache of people alone, needing to express grief and shock, even if it was one of many and went out to an unknown audience you will never meet. And then we see the picture of the shooter. He’s just a kid.

Even words seem false. It is like Oklahoma City or Columbine, when you feel the enemy within. There is nobody to lash out at, nowhere to put your anger. Last night I walked around Columbia University campus, a place I feel is my querencia, a power spot I can claim to connect and re-spark. But there were dark corners on campus last night and it did not seem so safe.

Mashing Up Reality From Second Life To Canal Room NYC

Morpheus was not invented with the Matrix. Morpheus is more than a file sharing program or a game. Morpheus was the god of dreams Morpheusin Greek mythology. And Morpheus Media is a New York interactive advertising and marketing agency that has the audacity to obey the god of dreams. Adam Broitman, director of emerging and creative strategy at Morpheus Media, is organizing a reality mashup that has two central cross-currents:  

Buddahead playing live at The Canal Room which will be streamed live to Morpheum Sim on Second Life.  Morpheum Sim on Second Life will be streamed back live to the plasma screens at The Canal Room.  So Buddahead is here, there, back again, real time in simultaneous realities. You may get stuck between the first and Second Life like Neo trying to get back to Trinity but that’s the point. 

Thursday, May 10, The Canal Room, 285 West Broadway, NYC Sign up here at Ticketmaster for $15.

Ray Ellin! hosts. Ray is from Latin Kings of Comedy, Comic Strip Live and recently re-launched Daily Comedy

Shock Radar performs at 9 PM

Buddahead performs at 10 PM 

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