Rubel Denies Leaving Edelman For Twitter Rehab

Loose Twitter twaddle may have gotten ”A list” PR blogger Steve Rubel in hot water but he vows to remain at Edelman. 

Rubel had to publicly apologize yesterday to Jim Louderback, Editor in chief of PC magazine, for twitting that he threw PC magazine in the trash. Louderback wondered aloud in a guest column on Strumpette that perhaps his 11 million readers were not important to Edelman clients and maybe PC magazine should boycott all Edelman pitches.

Steve Rubel Twitter headAgghhh. That’s media death to a PR firm that pitches PC magazine for a variety of consumer tech clients. The shiny head Yoda had to Google “Apology 101″ and approximate contrition on his blog, but that does not begin to address the issue here.

Rubel’s posts have recently grown more cautious and dour as the Blog Bubble Bursts and clients are reluctant to throw good money into the PR 2.0 blackhole. Value is now trumping experimentation as the economy constricts and that old monster, fear, shrinks budgets.  

So what is Rubel’s value? He recently posted that he was deleting pitches on his computer and that made him feel like a journalist.  On a recent Twitter he dissed CNet. Media relations is obviously not his strong suit, and he is unaware of how many Edelman clients depend on PC magazine and CNet to reach their audience.

Asked by PRBlogNews if there is any truth to the reports that he is leaving Edelman, Rubel replied: “Zero. What reports? Strumpette? Please.”

The real question: If Rubel has no direct billable accountability, as a tarnished brand, has he become expendable to Edelman?

Rubel speaks at conferences, maintains a blog, pens a column at Ad Age and he Twitters. He maintains his “A list” blogger status, a title that is becoming tired and of decreasing influence. Rubel furthers his personal brand, that seems to be his job. That’s why Twitter is the perfect app for him. It’s all about the Brand of One, the individual being always in the spotlight, no matter who is looking or listening.  

For those who are not hip to the twit, Twitter is an annoying widget on your computer or handheld that is a sort of a giant, uniform instant mesaging service. You type in, unabashed, what you are doing that particular moment (drinking coffee, tipping the cabbie, kicking a dog) so every other Twit in the world, supposedly, keeps track of your every move. And it is preserved forever as a digital archive of minutiae.

Adario Strange at Wired argues that this whole Rubel Twitter flap is bad for “transparency” because Twits will now scrub their Twitters for public consumption. Really? You mean somebody’s listening? We’re not just talking to ourselves? That means Rubel would have to be accountable to clients and others at Edelman who actually pitch the media.


  1. Steve Rubel says:

    My external work – while what is most visible – is in reality only 30% of what I do. You should have asked me that too since you were going to write about it.

  2. Mark Rose says:


    You’re right. Thanks for clarification. Curiosity would compel me to ask how much is client work, how much ‘internal’ this or that but every business deserves to have its own operational methodology remain within its walls – especially when competitors would love to know. Trying to determine the inner workings of Me2Revolution has become an industry pre-occupation. That said, I get this feeling that by the end of the year you’ll be somewhere else. Just a feeling. Maybe you’ll prove me wrong.


  3. Word is that Richard doesn’t fire people, per se; He gives them a chance to move on. We have it on a reliable source that Rubel is “wearing out his welcome and listening to offers.”

    It might be time to revisit the pool: .


    - Amanda


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