Mashing Up Reality From Second Life To Canal Room NYC

Morpheus was not invented with the Matrix. Morpheus is more than a file sharing program or a game. Morpheus was the god of dreams Morpheusin Greek mythology. And Morpheus Media is a New York interactive advertising and marketing agency that has the audacity to obey the god of dreams. Adam Broitman, director of emerging and creative strategy at Morpheus Media, is organizing a reality mashup that has two central cross-currents:  

Buddahead playing live at The Canal Room which will be streamed live to Morpheum Sim on Second Life.  Morpheum Sim on Second Life will be streamed back live to the plasma screens at The Canal Room.  So Buddahead is here, there, back again, real time in simultaneous realities. You may get stuck between the first and Second Life like Neo trying to get back to Trinity but that’s the point. 

Thursday, May 10, The Canal Room, 285 West Broadway, NYC Sign up here at Ticketmaster for $15.

Ray Ellin! hosts. Ray is from Latin Kings of Comedy, Comic Strip Live and recently re-launched Daily Comedy

Shock Radar performs at 9 PM

Buddahead performs at 10 PM 

Check out the Buddahead “Broken” video. I like them. Is it me, or do they sound like Three Doors Down? 


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I am not a Second Life devotee. I am one of the great majority of people who try to penetrate Second Life and find it so difficult and time consuming that I retreat back to physical space. That said, Second Life is worth watching and trying to penetrate not only because of the innovation coming out of Linden Labs and the ancillary businesses supporting this fledgling virtual world, but also the coporate buy-in. IBM has invested a much publicized $10 million in Second Life virtual ventures, Coldwell Banker recently opened the first virtual real estate office by a major broker in Second Life, Toyota tests car designs there, Apple opens stores, banks open branches, $9 million in real dollars gets exchanged every month in Second Life. <See BusinessWeek 10.30.06 story Second Life Lessons>

PR strategies are now integrated with Second Life initiatives. The virtual and physical are colliding and we are at the very beginning stages. There is tremendous  potential for both the consumer and B to B markets in the virtual world.


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The back story to the reality mashup at The Canal Room: Adam Broitman is also founder of . He has spent the last year as Mockben Hegel in Second Life. Mockben experienced more than 100 online concerts and found them “stylistically limited.” So he hooked up with Nexeus Fatale, a Second Life DJ extraordinaire, and Vesuvius Group, a creative collective within Second Life. Joseph Szala signed on as designer and they realized they had “something totally groundbreaking.”

PRBlogNews asked. Adam Broitman/Mockben Hegel answered:

What can Mockben Hegel do that Adam Broitman can’t?

Well, first thing, Mockben can fly J. Second is Mockben can more easily converse and view content in real time with other individuals across the world.

Did you ever get stuck between your first life and Second Life and wonder if you could find your way back?

Sometimes I think my first life IS my Second Life.

What is the real potential of Second Life?

Second Life is one of the first realizations of what is commonly referred to as the experience web or the metaverse. It is a truly interactive, immersive environment where people can form communities, co-create and participate in real time activity. Some have called Second Life a 3D version of the Web. While this statement is valid in some regards, I think that Second Life represents far more.

How does Morpheus Media help clients in Second Life?

Morpheus Media helps clients realize potential of new media platforms for their marketing initiatives. Second Life is merely one channel we explore.


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