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I am pleased to be doing the “Week In Review” column on Strumpette, starting today, with analysis of two of our favorite subjects, Edelman and Wal-Mart. Check it out.Blogger & Podcasting Magazine

We have our own magazine: Go to Blogger & Podcaster now to get your free inaugural, online edition. You can read the magazine in a cool reader online format that makes it fun and replicates the print copy. Robert Scoble, ubiquitous uber blogger, is on the cover, there are “how to” features, reviews on new technology, event previews, and ads that talk to you. Of course there are several podcasts to support the print and online copy. Congratulations to publisher Larry Genkin for jumping out there with a much needed new mag.

Rubel gets serious. A chastened Steve Rubel took a few days off fom his blog last week to do some sans-blog soul searching after a dustup with PC Mag editor Jim Louderback.  A 4/23 post on the The Participation Ladder sparks discssion of how many people in the blogosphere are inactive and spectators, as opposed to joiners and creators.  In response to Rubel’s twitter about office dress etiquette: wear your shirt out on dress-down Friday, Steve. Be a wild man.

Yankee go home. Where are the Yankees going in two years? See New Yankee Stadium Construction for progress on the new Yankee Stadium on the site across the street from the old stadium.  I hope we don’t have to wait two years for the Yankees to show some new life and start winning ball games. 

Podcast expo set. The Podcast & New Media Expo is set for September 28-30 in Ontario, California, for a very reasonable $249 for full access to the entire event.

crayon does Coke. crayon has launched its “Virtual Thirst” competition for Coca-Cola and in the process sparked robust discussion on its social media press release (SMR). More on this later in the week.

Jumping Off The Cliff

Second Life millionaires are being mintedBusinessWeek’s “Virtual Life” Tech Special Report out today envisions a totally immersive 3-D web that offers a rich panorama of experience to rival our physical lives.

Much experimentation is already happening in Second Life.  Companies are realizing beneficial B-to-B applications – virtual meetings, showrooms, presentations. Products are planned to be launched and tested, stores are opening, real estate is bought and sold. There is elaborate entertainment, family reunions, all kinds of activity in a populated and interacting world of stresses, clashes and unabashed optimism for a bright and rosy future.

Gartner says the 80% of active Internet users will have a virtual life by the end of 2011.

Enter public relations. For a hint of where this is going check out Business Communicators of Second Life   -  about “how to communicate and participate in 3-D environments” and ”how to use and create 360-degree content for new online spaces and the emerging 3D web.” How do you create a word-of-mouth program for avatars? How do you mesh the virtual with the physical for a truly mashed up  PR program? These are questions we are not apt to ask ourselves now.

There is huge unrealized potential for public relations in the virtual world. But it requires tactics and strategies that are in many ways directly opposed to the way things are done in the static world.

I met yesterday with Adam Broitman, director of emerging & creative strategy for Morpheus Media in New York.  Morpheus is busy building its Second Life platform for the event at Canal Room, May 10. See previous PRBlogNews post on event. Adam gave me a tour around Morpheus Island in SecondLife. They purchased their Island, are sculpting and landscaping it. They created a cool little waterway with a grafitti splattered tunnel and a stage that floats in the air where Buddahead will play May 10.

It’s all an experiment in Second Life but the virtual web is inevitable. The pioneers will be prepared for it.


“The divide between the publishers and the public is collapsing. This turns mass media upside down. It creates media of the masses.

How does business change when everyone is a potential publisher? A vast new stretch of the information world opens up. For now, it’s a digital hinterland. The laws and norms covering fairness, advertising, and libel? They don’t exist, not yet anyway. But one thing is clear: Companies over the past few centuries have gotten used to shaping their message. Now they’re losing control of it.

“Want to get it back? You never will, not entirely.” –businessweek 2006

Boon In Brooklyn Blogs Builds Mystique, Says Vinnie

pizza guy in bklynVinnie Caldaroni, retired Pizza man in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, was not surprised yesterday when told that Brooklyn has some of the bloggiest neighborhoods in the U.S.

“Wadda you kidding? Of course. We got everything,” said Vinnie with a wave of his hand, although he was not so cavalier when told that actually Clinton Hill was the bloggiest neighborhood in the U.S., with Park Slope almost as bloggy, according to  research by of 3000 neighborhoods to come up with the 10 “most blogged about.” Harlem was #8.

“They got brownstones over there, wadda you expect?” said Vinnie. Since he retired from the pizza business Vinnie and his friends take the bus to Atlantic City (“You go on Tuesday’s they give you free quarters to gamble”) and occasionally “sell schmatas on eBay.” But now he is going to tell all his friends to start blogging so Bensonhurst can be #1, where it belongs.

“Now if the Yankees get some pitchin’ maybe we’ll be somewhere,” said Vinnie. He started to walk away and came back and whispered in my ear. “So what’s a blog?”

“Brooklyn is Brooklyn. There’s no place like it in the world. And when you travel to other places in the world you really realize that. They got nothin’.” – See Mike Smollar, 59, photographed in his home in Bensonhurst, in Seth Kushner’s The Brooklynites .

PR Blog News

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MLK & RFK Brothers In Battle

Rough day? Put it in perspective. The day before he was assassinated Martin Luther King gave a speech in which you are certain he knows he will be killed shortly. You can see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice, he carries it in his body. He’s been to the mountaintop, seen the promised land, he is ready to be taken.

The next day Robert Kennedy has to deliver the news of Martin Luther King’s death to an audience in Indianapolis. He quotes his favorite poet, Aeschylus, recounts the death of his brother, and asks for understanding, love and compassion between all people.

It would be difficult to find two better examples of public speaking under pressure, calling on something deep within, to connect emotionally and spiritually to an audience. MLK & RFK -their time with us was way too brief.

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“C” List Blogger And Proud Of It

PRBlogNews - C List BlogOK, I admit to pangs of competitive jealousy to join the “B” list, but what’s wrong with hanging with the riff-raff on the “C” list? PRBlogNews is in the “middle authority” group, according to Technorati, with 10-99 blogs linking in the last six months, placing us on the cusp of the second quartile of the C list. See news on this from Kineda - a decidedly “A” list blogebrity.

To put this in perspective, Steve Rubel  (top “A” list PR/marketing blogger) probably has more links in to his blog in an hour than I do in a month. I have many rationalizations (excuses) for this, of course. Although PRBlogNews has existed in one form or another for a couple of years (the average blog has been in existence for 228 days), I revamped this blog six weeks ago and began blogging in earnest then. Consistency and longevity are key components to a popular blog. 

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