Mr. D Lives! Simon says Menu Foods kills kitties … pet owners rise up and sue the bastards…

Tuesday morning Mr. D went into the vet for the operation to insert a feeding tube. He had a 50/50 chance, the Vet said, and she gave us the option of ending it. We wouldn’t do it, of course, and hoped that Mr. Darcy, despite his very Maine Coon-ish gentle nature, would be a fighter (see last post). He made it through the operation and now he’s being fed increasing doses and retaining his food. These are good signs. If he keeps up this pace Mr. D could be coming home Friday. Simon, left, will be waiting for him, with Schuster and Elizabeth and Jackie Chan. As you can tell, Simon is cautiously optimistic about Mr. D’s condition but still worried. 

Menu Foods killed at least 7 animals to test tainted food in the massive, deadly pet food recall. To determine if their food was indeed tainted the company rounded up 40-50 animals (why can’t it give an exact number?) and gave them what they believed to be tainted pet food. At least 7 died in that test, said the FDA, as reported in USA Today,  so they figured they had a problem on their hands. Was there no better way? Why don’t we round up 50 random people, give them Flank of Mad Cow injected with avian flu and see what happens. Simon does not approve of this kind of crude, lethal testing on kitties, although he honors their sacrifice and valor. He wishes he knew their names. 

Simon applauds the work of Gina Spadafori, editor of the blog PetConnection. He says she is doing a great job as the central repository of credible news – keeping a record of sick and dead pets. She is rounding up and commenting on news coverage daily, updating the list of tainted pet food.  All this archival information will be valuable. The first lawsuit is in the works. Phoenix, a tabby, became sick and had to be put down, says the complaint, which could become a class action. Dawn Majerczyk of Chicago says dogs and catthat the company knew about the deaths and did not order a recall. Menu Foods of Canada was completely unprepared for this, even though they had been testing for some time.

The company did serious, probably lasting, perhaps even irrepairable damage to itself by not communicating effectively, if at all, with angry and confused pet owners. Brands like Iams, Eukanuba, and Nutro now have to prove why they are worth a premium, if they should be trusted at all. Bad PR. Dead animals. Angry pet owners. Makes for a potent class action brew, if nothing else, Simon says.

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  1. Lorraine says:

    To test any animal is just cruel. I think they better expand there recall. I have fed my cats the special kitty can and have lost 3 in the last 6 months. I just took one to the vet and have been told his kidneys are huge. i will know the rest of the test results in a few days. I can tell by looking at my cats they are sick. I cant afford to test them all. I know I will have to choose to put them to sleep so they are not suffering. The worst was to watch my 6 year old tom cat die in front of me. My animals are my babies. Nothing will ever help the pain of not having with to cuddle with at night. I told myself God was preparing me for something that I would not beable to handle at all. Well putting them all down is going to just tear me apart. I cry everyday as it is. I feel for each and every pet owner that has lost their pets. God Bless. I truly believe that we will see them again someday.

  2. rio says:

    hey there – curious how mr. d is doing – my cat red also ate the poisoned food and went into kidney failure – once treated he seemed to be doing much better and was eating and numbers coming down – suddenly last saturday his appetite vanished – today they put put in a feeding tube – when i went to see him i wept – he was coughing and agitated and didn’t want to be touched and looped from the anesthesia and seemed so depressed and unhappy – i wonder if i did the right thing – depite all the vets saying it’s a good thing – and find it hard to believe he will get used to it and not be miserable sick and depressed – what’s you experience been? how is mr. d handling the tube?

  3. Mark Rose says:


    Mr. Darcy is going to make it. He is at the vet now still with the feeding tube. The feeding tube is horrendous but it is the right thing. The point is to get as much food into him as possible and that’s the best way.

    D almost didn’t make it. His first feeding tube fell out and they had to do an operation to get a new one in. He slipped away and they didn’t think they would get him back. Then he developed that horrible rasping.

    He was very unhappy and loopy from anasthesia but he is now purring and flirting with the vet. So we are happy and optimistic.

    Please let me know how it goes with your kitty.

  4. rio says:

    what’s the horrible rasping all about? the vets aren’t worried? is it normal? do they think he’ll eat on his own with that darn tube in him? i hope red doesn’t hate me and hate life – he is very handsome and likes to groom and sun himself and have a good time…poor mr darcy and all the kitties – and to not know if red will make it at after subjecting him to all this…difficult

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