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Handbook for bloggers and cyber dissidents  (1.6 mg pdf) by Reporters Without Borders is an excellent guide to the blogosphere from Reporters Without Bordersthe legal, ethical, and moral imperatives of bloggers to the nuts and bolts of how to choose and use a blog platform, and how to get picked up by search engines and aggregators. The Handbook is written with a world view, so there is discussion about technical ways to get around censorship. According to the report, China is the world champion in omniscient and effective Internet censorship,  closely followed by Vietnam with its cyber-police and spies in Internet cafes. 

Social media: An exhaustive list of social media platforms that can be integrated into websites can be found here on the ‘Web Strategy by Jeremiah’ blog. There are over 72 comments on this post so far and a lot of good feedback on how to winnow down the list of possible platforms to use.  Clearly, it is a crowded field with many contenders jockeying for competitive advantage, and still heated discussion about what qualifies as social networking. The post is so active that somebody suggested turning it into a wiki, although the author has had problems with wikis (vandals).

Who won the Vloggies? What, you missed it? Didn’t know there were awards for video blogging? See And the Vloggies winners are for the 2006 honorees in over 30 categories. The best female vlogger was Nontourage; best male was Josh Wolf. The Alive in Mexico vlog features stories of the Zapatistas in Chiapas, and links from Alive in Baghdad, which won best group vlog. There is no info yet on the 2007 Vloggies.


  1. Valerie says:

    check out the weekly Vloggies Show! we’ll be talking to vloggers from everywhere, helping you discover great vlogs, and the vloggers you already know, and involve everyone to the road to Vloggies 2007! It will be really fun.

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