Brazilians Not Burning Bush in Blogosphere

Bush Burning in BrazilWhere’s the outrage?  Not on the blogosphere, apparently. On TV and in print we see dramatic, theatrical footage of angry Brazilians taking to the streets with Bush as Hitler posters, denouncing Bush as a terrorist and assassin, throwing rocks in a haze of tear gas. This is news? Everybody liked Clinton, with his Kennedy glow, but otherwise it’s been SOP for a U.S. President to go to Latin America and be denounced as the Devil. Bush v. Chavez adds drama and tension to the story but what is the story? Home grown bloggers should be leading the discussion, or at least give us some insight into the real issues. Slim pickens on inidigenous Brazilian bloggers addressing these issues except for AlterDestiny, who says that the story is that we are focusing on the wrong story.

Bush in Brazil: A Tale of Two Media, on AlterDestiny: “Overall (and this should come as no surprise to me, yet it is disappointing), the media is really mishandling this story, treating Brazil simply as a generic stage for Bush to wage his anti-Chavez, pro-U.S. PR campaign. There is none of the mention, analysis, or reference to things actually going on here in Brazil beyond the rowdy protesters, which is the narrative that generally accompanies a Bush visit to anywhere – instead of focusing on the actual implications of deals that governments are trying to put into place and their possible consequences, we hear about more people in the international community angry at the U.S. government and/or population (they are often unfairly equated). I’d hope that maybe the media could actually include small things like, oh, the leaders of other countries, but I’m guessing I’d be wasting my time.” 

Washington is Losing Its Grip on Latin America , posted on AlterNet, has spirited discussion and comments from people throughout Latin America and the U.S. Consensus in the postings support the headline.  Latin America News Review by Justin Delacour, a political science doctoral student in Albuquerque, New Mexico, explores the socio-political implications of the Bush visit but it is an academic, outside view.

Scouring the Goolge blog search for the past  24 hours with keywords such as Bush/Brazil/Blog have yielded Club Ivy affiliates consistently at or near the top of search results. Who is behind Club Ivy? Her (I assume it’s a she) words:

I’m Skylar, an iconoclastic Ivy League graduate student with a penchant for anarchy. I spend wayyy too much time online in my Ivory Tower usually involving myself in wickedly irreverent, nefarious activities. I am a vigilant watchdog of the media and government.

Skylar has a devoted following.  Many guys post their pictures on MySpace in her honor and leave comments like “Chaos is a beautiful thing,” trying to cyber date the “bodacious, socialist, luscious” academic vixen. For pure SEO supremacy Skylar found that revolution, sex, and academics are a potent mix. Or maybe it’s just the banner on her blog:

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