Do You Weally Wanna Wiki?

NewPRWikiWikis sound cute but they can be clunky and forbidding and mysterious. What’s a wiki? Very simply, it’s a web page or a web site that can be edited easily by multiple users (think Wikipedia). By all rights the wiki is the most elegant, simplest, cheapest web-based collaboration tool available. It can be used for individual projects, enterprise-wide initiatives, a family reunion, any event that requires collaboration between two or more people. I first became aware of wikis through New PR Wiki launched and maintained by wiki maestro Constantin Basturea (PR meets WWW). New PR Wiki is the single best source for resources on PR 2.0, and it is a living repository that is badly in need of a fresh look and new input. The chronology and lessons of the revolution are within New PR Wiki, including great background on astroturfing and social media releases. I will always be indebted to Constantin for helping me see that there can be such as thing as global Internet-based public relations scholarship, from Romania to the U.S., and that contributing to a wiki really builds the global knowledge bank.

make wiki as easy as peanut butter sandwichSo, I’ve been waiting for someone to figure out how to simplify and package the wiki for the masses. Is PBwiki here to lead us to wiki nirvana? Make a free wiki as easily as a peanut butter sandwich. How can you resist a tag that tasty? Built-in search, RSS, 10 MB storage free, 1-click backup, revision history. Take the tour here.

If you weally wanna wig out on wikis read Wikinomics by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams, and find out how to prosper in a world where new communications technologies are democratizing the creation of value.


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