For Immediate Release

Bloglines PRBlogNewsI hate the PR releases now running on Bloglines PR circuit … VP appointed here, SVP there, blah blah here and there. Used to be Bloglines was a great source for ideas. Now it’s PR about PR, blah is pleased that blah is now leading the practice in ethical, sustainable, community based public relations that is a model of the industry and exemplary of the wide and deep capabilities of the firm. Is there no escape?google blog search beta

Actually a Google blog search for “public relations” yields much more interesting results: Did you know that there is a new era in Trinidad and Tobago public relations, and today Arizona Venture Capital is sponsoring a conference that highlights use of social media by Arizona companies, featuring social media gurus Robert Scoble and Chris Heuer. Looks very cool.

A search on Technorati for “Controllable Irregularity” yields an item in the Palm Beach Post saying the BusinessWeek cancelled a cover story technoration jetBlue’s stellar customer service after the recent St. Valentine’s fiasco that left many passengers stranded and fuming. In my post on 2/23/07 I wondered about that broad caveat. In its new ballyhooed “Bill of Rights” jetBlue only needs to make restitiution to passengers in the event of “controllable irregularity,” a term they do not identify and has many of us wondering if jetBlue will find itself in a PR mess when the term is openly challenged by passengers.

In Jim Horton’s Online Public Relations Thoughts today he discusses an article on What Should Our Web Site Measure? that highlights an issue that plagues all of us in trying to migrate clients to PR 2.0 on the web: how do we measure web traffic to yield actionable analytics.

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