The bear emerges

Just when you think all is quiet and the markets are void of volatility the bear rears and roars Grrrr. The Veep survives assasination, the Iranians inch toward the nuclear option, Iraq continues on its road to armageddon, the Arabs and Israelis … don’t get us started … and then market in China takes a dive. Did the Dow actually lose a couple hundred points in a minute? I kept staring at my computer screen like it was a typo. Nothing like the bottom dropping out of the market to remind us that we live on shaky ground. The markets giveth and the markets taketh.

The Australian market dropped more than 3%. In London overnight, BHP Billiton – a big supplier of minerals to China – plunged 6 per cent. This is the correction we’ve all been waiting for. I think now that the bear let us know he’s still around and has a mighty roar he may retreat for the rest of the winter. Let’s see how Wall Street shrugs this off.

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