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Pandora meet up in New York

Pandora changed my life. At the Cinema Village movie theatre in Manhattan last night I got to learn how many other lives it changed, and to meet fellow Pandoranistas shamelessly addicted the precarious journey of finding new music we love.

Tim Westergren, chief strategy officer and founder of Pandora, took to the stage with a microphone and small amp and enlightened us about the remarkable human filtering that goes into the music genome project, the backbone of Pandora. Pandora employs dozens of musicians who go through rigorous testing and training before they are allowed to analyze and tag each and every song in Pandora with as many as 400 attributes. About 15,000 songs a month are added to Pandora. Amazing!

The result is an ever-growing bank of music – a lot of it decidedly “indie” – that can be discovered through training Pandora to anticipate the kind of music you might like – even if you don’t know it yet.

I have always loved music and I have always been frustrated not knowing what to buy or how to find off-beat stuff or how to stay current. Pandora allows you to create channels of types of music that you can tailor according to your mood and inclination. It’s a fantastic process of discovery where it actually seems like technology is in synch with your thought process and listening preferences.

Pandora human genome project

The last time Tim was in New York for a Pandora meet-up he had a very “intimate” meeting with three of the hardcore. This time a couple of hundred people braved the frigid cold to hear the latest on Pandora. Pandora elicited response through a personal email invitation campaign and a blog about the meet-up tour. Tim responded personally to emails and he encouraged contact. There are now 5.5 million registered Pandora users and they have very aggressive growth plans. Try Pandora. You’ll love it.

 See Tim Westergren’s personal Pandora profile with “most thumbed up” and “most thumbed down” picks, and lsiten to his stations. Good place to start if you are unfamiliar with Pandora.


  1. Kirie says:

    I was at the gathering at Cinema Village last night and agree with you, Mark. You probably noticed my presence. Thank you for providing Tim Westergren’s personal Pandora profile as part of the information. I instantly created stations on my Pandora and now have access to even more music than I ever would have found on my own!

  2. Larry says:

    I was there too last night, I found it to be very informative and have come up with even more stations than I originally had.

  3. Mark Rose says:

    The Pandora meet-up was a revelation for me too because I blogged it, found Tim’s playlist, and now I am addicted to his channels. I am listening to this great, exclectic melange that seems to match my preferences perfectly.


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