Jeffrey Graces Elle – Blogs Oscar for AOL

When I saw my nephew Jeffrey on the first episode of Project Runway this past season I thought – wow, this will be an interesting and undoubtedly short lived adventure. The last time I saw Jeffrey was seven years ago in a dive on the lower east side. He was living in L.A., playing bass and touring with a hardcore band, personifying the full throttle rock and roll life, heavy on the drugs and alcohol. He’d also developed an obsession with grandiose tattoos, which persists. Those days you didn’t think of Jeffrey and imagine “couture” or even survival. Dressing himself in the morning seemed to be his greatest fashion challenge.

A few years later Jeffrey hit bottom and I heard from my brother Bruce, Jeffrey’s step father (Jeffrey refers to him as “dad”), that rehab was finally sticking. His band, Lifter, drifted apart and he started making clothes, which, according to Bruce, consisted of buying second hand schmatas at Goodwill, ripping them up, and re-selling the result in exclusive boutiques like Fred Segal in L.A. for ridiculous amounts of money. My brother buys his clothes at Costco. He is more likely to shop Sy Syms than Fred Segal. This fashion stuff is a mystery to him.

Jeffrey was the bad boy of Project Runway. He was combative, self-assured, determined. His personality was natural for television drama and he was not afraid to take chances with his fashion. It was a thrill to have the family gather in New York for Jeffrey’s triumphant runway show in Bryant Park. I was shocked when he won even though he figured it was always in the bag.

So, what’s life like after Project Runway? He’s using the 100K prize to boost Cosa Nostra, his clothing line, but he is donating the Saturn sportscar to MusiCares, the charity that paid his way through rehab. He’s opening a store in West Hollywood. Kirna Zabete in New York and Ron Herman in L.A. are stocking his Project Runway collection. Supposedly, he’s creating something for Seal, husband of Project Runway star Heidi Klum. Elle has a spread on him this month (Gwen Stefani on the cover) with a shoot featuring his favorite model Marilinda (photo above). He’s spending time with l’amor de la mi vita Harrison Detroit (photo below). He has 19,010 friends (and counting) on MySpace. See photo journal I created for Jeffrey when he won the rock star episode of Project Runway – Yo, if you can make it here …

From the AOL press release: Beginning January 16, the day after the Golden Globe Awards telecast, Sebelia will bring his cutting-edge, rock n’ roll fashion sensibility to in a special blog, trashing and applauding the previous night’s fashion faux pas and triumphs. Then he’ll take his trademark avant-garde prêt-a-porte attitude to the Academy Awards® ceremony, providing Moviefone visitors with a pull-no-punches “morning after” celebrity fashion review.

Jeffrey Sebelia, Bruce Rose & Harrison Detroit Sebelia at Disneyland
Jeffrey, Harrison Detroit, Bruce Rose bundled up at Disneyland,
January, 2007, the day it was 70 degrees in New York!


  1. Laura S. says:

    Yay. I may need an Oscar’s dress…know where I could get one?

  2. Mark Rose says:

    You looking for something in the dead goose category – ala Bjork?

  3. Laura S. says:

    Sure, or the Anorexic Ballerina ala Lara Flynn Boyle.

  4. Mark Rose says:

    Some juicy comments culled from the web on Lara Flynn Boyle’s 2003 Academy Award dress:

    She looks like someone freed her from a concentration camp, then made her up like a raccoon, then dressed her up to look like a whore whose best patron had a ballerina fetish. She used to be attractive. Now, she just looks homeless.

    … her arms and legs have been reduced to twigs, her head is two sizes too big for her body now, you can count each individual rib, and you could cut diamonds on her shoulder-blades.

  5. Rachel Posey says:

    Are Jeffery and Melanie (Harrison’s mom) still together? Or did they break up?

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