War Without End Amen

U.S. Unit Patrolling Baghdad Sees Flaws in Bush Strategy is the title of the front-page Washington Post story today (subscription required), by Sudarsan Raghavan. The story is remarkable for several reasons. Most important, it is an unvarnished account of a US forces grunt patrol completely demoralized, cynical, abjectly fatalistic and ready to get the hell out of Iraq. I am old enough to recognize this attitude and this talk – identical to The Washington Postsoldiers in the drawn out hell of Vietnam.

Strictly from an Internet communications standpoint the story exemplifies the added gravitas and reach of print when it is translated to the web, and extended with comments from readers. This is a poignant, important story and readers treat it as such. Soldiers comment. The overall tone is resentment mixed with resignation. Readers help write the story, give it more angles, more weight. Increasingly, newspaper web sites are adding this feature. It works. 

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