CNBC – Where Would We Be Without It?

Us business news junkies would be lost groping in the information desert if not for constant breaking news updates from CNBC. CNBC is ubiquitous on the brokerage room floor, in news bureaus, PR agencies – anywhere business is done, analyzed or reported on. They make business news visual and give it personality (how interesting can you make a fractional percentage drop in Brent crude prices?). Now, with the launch of CNBC Plus they bring all that to the desktop with live streams from Asia, Europe and the US.


Yes, that means you can do three others things and never leave your desk and still watch and hear TV business news. When you subscribe ($9.95/month) you can compile a portfolio (“My Playlist”) of your favorite clips and search through the archive. This is a great demonstration of the convergence of broadcast and the web.

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