Dell Closes The Loop

I had yet one more communication from a Dell “customer advocate” regarding any concerns I may have about a potentially exploding battery in my Dell notebook computer. Dell certainly deserves kudos for its aggressive “social media outreach” during this crisis. When I originally blogged about this – see Dell On The Blog Offensive – I was a very dissatisfied long-term customer. The other day “Dennis UID#01129265″ from Dell sent an email asking if I had any other questions before he archived our communication. He was the second Dell rep I had communicated with.

What’s significant here is Dell proactively reaching out through blogs and email to elicit comment, continue dialogue and assist with problems. Richard Levick posts an excellent analysis of of the Dell exploding battery crisis on his blog. I believe there were more nuances to this story than Richard acknowledges (legal issues involving public disclosure/the story leaked) but his crisis communication counsel is obviously based on intelligence and experience, and much appreciated. – Mark Rose, New York

Corporate Blogs Still Suck

Do they? See Direct 2 Dell blog.

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