Wal-Mart Gets Real

 Wal-Mart company logoI have blogged several times about Wal-Mart’s operational and public relations woes. Wal-Mart doesn’t need a PR war room and it does not have to be at war with its critics. It needs to better integrate into the communities in which it does business and give its workers – the spine of the those communities - a better deal. Hiring Leslie Dach of Edelman as its top PR exec, reporting to the CEO, can be seen as a cynical move of a company interested in image over substantive action. But it is really proof that the enormous makeover that the country’s largest employer is currently undergoing operationally can only be successful if they communicate effectively – as honestly as possible – with all their constituents. Wal-Mart is not just another big company. No other company sparks such intense grassroots, widespread debate and no other company has such a profound economic, political, and sociological impact on so many local communities.

Dach is probably the one who got Al Gore to Bentonville to screen an “Inconvenient Truth” during Wal-Mart’s big green-is-good-fest. How brilliant is that? The big question: How does this move impact Edelman’s standing with WalMart?  

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