Horton Scoops The New York Times

Last Wednesday, 7/11 (see below) I posted that the easiest way to get relevant news for your PR blog was to pilfer from consistent and prescient Jim Horton in Online Public Relations Thoughts. 7/11 Jim posted about a breakthrough study on the shelf life of news online and today we see Noam Cohen at The New York Times reports on “News Online Seems to Have a Long Shelf Life” (online subscription) C2 print edition. So, Horton scooped The Times by six days … is Cohen also pilfering ideas from Horton? Or do we sense a smart PR person somewhere pitching The Times. (See physicsweb story on “Reading The News“). Jim Horton joined Rob Key and Richard Edelman in Q & A I moderated for Global PR Blog Week 2.0 EDITORS’ CHOICE: Blogs Force Change In PR Agency Practices. – Mark Rose, New York

The skeleton of the studied web portal has 933 nodes. The area of the circle assigned to each node in the figure is proportional to the logarithm of the total number of visits to the corresponding web document. The widths of the links are proportional to the logarithm of the total number of times the hyperlink was used by the surfers on the portal. The central largest node corresponds to the main page origo.hu directly connected to several other highly visited sites (image and text: Phys. Rev. E 73 066132).


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