Blog Fear

It’s real, it’s alive. I started again in the New York City public relations agency business in February and blog fear set in. Who am I? What can I say? What will they allow me to say? It may be why Richard Edelman gets a lot of weak, subservient posts from employees to his blog. What are you going to say to the boss in a blog except, hey, great job… love your posts 

How revealing do you want to be – how “in the moment” – when a post lasts forever and can haunt you as long. It’s much more tricky working for a firm. Scoble at Microsoft was an exception. He had opinions that may have gone against his bosses business decisions.

Finding a blog “voice” is important though not critical. Consistency is the most important factor – something I have not mastered. 


  1. James Bruni says:

    Rich Edelman’s blog is a joke. The posts are all censured and provided by friendly former or current employees. Check out today’s blog, nothing on Andy Young or the other uncomfortable topics Rich likes to avoid. He’s prefer to pontificate on DCI and other agencies, but rarely critiques his own agency’s fumbling.

  2. Mark Rose says:

    Richard is a pioneer in the PR blogosphere. He’s going on his second year as a blogger and he was the first major agency head to put himself on the line by commenting online. Give him that. But what do you do for Act II?

    Richard needs to get off the soapbox and into the sandbox. It’s nice that he is friends with Ned Lamont and he has advise on how to win elections (Is he trying to fill the political vacuum left by Democratic operative Leslie Dach defecting to Wal-Mart?) but he is head of a global agency that is part of major news.

    He is in danger of becoming one more CEO ducking the real issues people want to discuss – a consequence of being a public blogger. Maybe his peers were wiser staying in the background?

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