36 Hour News Cycle

Hey, I just figured out how to develop consistency in blog posting. Simply cabbage off from someone else – especially someone who is maddeningly consistent. Jim Horton is the dean of PR bloggers, a pioneer, the father of PR bloggers – all those cliches that flacks put in press releases – because he’s done it every day for untold years, probably before the term blog was invented.  

So, Jim has an interesting item in his blog today about how the blogosphere operates on a 36 hour news cycle . Jim posted it at at 4:44 AM. That’s another way to develop consistency – don’t sleep.

Because this is PhysicsWeb the findings are deep, and juicy – fascinating reading.

Most news becomes old hat within a day and a half of being posted — a finding that could help website designers or people trying to understand how information gets transferred in biological cells and social networks (Phys. Rev. E 73 066132).

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