So Sue Me!

mooseThanks to Flackette in San Francisco for blogging about the Maine blogger who is being sued by a New York ad agency – Warren Kremer Paino – for his unkind review of their work. Lance Dutson, the offending blogger, is gleeful with all this attention. His mainewebreport blog is booming and he is generating a blog wind of positive PR. The “Breaking News” section of WKP web site makes no mention of the news that is making the company extraordinarily famous.

I have a feeling that we will be looking back on this episode as a case study in how NOT to handle criticism from a blogger.

Technorati is showing 256 blogs right now if you search “Lance Dutson”, that’s pretty hefty, since before last week that number was somewhere around 2. The blogosphere has erupted about this lawsuit. Mark Glaser at PBS picked up the story,along with The Wall Street Journal Law Blog, Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit, and tons more that I am trying to keep track of here(see below). The Associated Press picked it up and is dotting it across newspapers everywhere, the Boston Globe wrote about it also. - today’s post from mainewebreport blog

See CIO Insight column for more on this. 

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