News Roundup 2/03/06

groundhogs Punxsutawney Phil says we’ll have six more weeks of winter and “New York Vinnie,” a Seattle broadcaster, wonders why Seattle isn’t unrestrained New York kind of crazy for the Seahawks in the Superbowl this weekend. Both are huge PR events and remind us that even the State of the Union — with pre-buttals and post-buttals — relies on public (Of, concerning, or affecting the community or the people) relations (The act of telling or narrating) to engage broad or specific groups in a story.

Battle of the Ad Blogs is going strong with POP PR! and BL Ochman running neck and neck for the lead in the “Best PR Blog” category. Follow the link to vote. Deadline February 10.

Richard Edelman was spanked by Shel Israel, Trevor Cook and others for not linking to outside sources in his Monday Morning blog. Edelman made amends in a post on Trevor Cook’s Corporate Engagement blog and vowed to be an active linker in the future. “You are right–I should set an example of proper behavior, which is conversation, not preaching,” said a contrite Edelman. Since his December 30, 2005 posting Edelman has not linked to another PR blog.

Constantin Basturea of PR meets the WWW also takes Edelman to task in in What’s Missing From The Technorati/Edelman Blogger study post. The study was overly broad and un-scientific, and the response rate was extremely low, says Basturea. Our market could benefit from a precise and relevant study on PR and blogging.

The new Ketchum Perspectives was released this week. See PR Blog News Articles for excerpt by me on media relations trends and links to story.

liberty_waits The Electronic Frontier Foundation is fighting hard for bloggers’ rights and is involved in many important issues. The EFF Bloggers’ Rights page has “Legal Guide For Bloggers” and updates on critical legal challenges.

A belated thank you to Bob Burton at Center for Media and Democracy and PR Watch for the heads up on Fake News: It’s the PR Industry Against The Rest of Us. Is PRSA actually trying to block attribution of sources on VNRs? Not only is that a losing battle it is also detrimental to the industry. More on that in a subsequent post.

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