Global PR Bloggers Self-Organize

Global PR Blog Week 2.0 is September 19 -23,2005 at a computer near you.

50-60 bloggers from 7 countries will develop the 2nd Global PR week, on the new PR Wiki for five days, Sept. 19-23. Topics are being finalized now. The event is coming together rapidly and with some urgency as the PR blogosphere has changed dramatically since 1.0 a year ago, July 12-16, 2004. The intent was to have 2.0 on the one year anniversary of 1.0. I started contributing to the group shortly before then. It became clear that this event required added coordination and effort; the number of PR bloggers has quadrupled since this time last year.

Committees are emerging. We take a survey vote on bigger decisions. We have forceful discussions about how to “steer” the event for the benefit of the reader while still maintaining open standards in the spirit of blogging. Our dialogue and all supporting background on 1.0 and 2.0 is available through TheNewPR/Wiki , maintained by the inimitable Constantin Basturea (PR meets the WWW) who keeps the technological universe of this endeavor arranged so we don’t spin apart.

Based on how we are coming together and the depth of talent involved I have no doubt that we will present compelling, timely, valuable content for the event. Our real challenge will be determining how to deliver it and in what structure. My interest is in how a group this large, so spread out, who have never met each other, come together to define and produce an event that will probably never have clear definition until, maybe, after it occurs. Pretty spooky. This feels like Howard Rheingold “mob blogging” kind of stuff.

You’ll be reading a lot about the event as it develops here and on blogs of contributors and observer/participants.

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