Ketchum Speaks … sort of

Ketchum PR took a lot of heat for its less than stellar entry into the blogoshere. Kethum promoted its new Personalized Media practice as a way for clients to understand and use blogs, search engine optimization (SEO) and really simple syndication (RSS) in the PR mix. Kethum was immediately attacked by hordes of bloggers who were offended that Kethum did not have a blog or RSS of its own – how could they understand what they do not use?

True enough. The Ketchum podcast on blogs, RSS and SEO is generic and pedestrian at best (personally, I fail to understand how blogs, SEO and RSS intersect in the PR mix). If Ketchum has any special insight into the blogosphere they are not sharing it. Further, Ketchum’s response to blogger inquiries has perpetuated its bad PR.

Constantin Basturea’s blog PR meets WWW has become the central forum for Adam Brown, Ketchum’s “Personalized Media” group leader, and influential PR bloggers to hash it out. As of now, Brown is remaining mum until his interview with PR blogger Jeremy Pepper is published.

A note of caution to PR agencies looking to capitalize on online communication — how Ketchum handles criticism within the PR blogger community could effect the success of its Personalized Media offering. Brown has been on the defensive and so far refuses to admit that Ketchum stumbled in its entry into the “personalized media” space. This story will continue …See Mark Rose Bio

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