Citizen Journalism In Action

I published my first piece on OhMyNews, a Korean Internet news source that is pioneering “citizen-journalism.”

OhMyNews employs 50 staff reporters and editors plus 38,000 citizen reporters who submit app. 200 stories a day. Much of the professional staff time is spent on editing and fact checking these stories before they are posted.

I wrote my piece on the London bomb blasts late last night. I got an immediate response from an editor in Seoul. I emailed graphics and background. This morning I see the story on the front page of the web site, with some additional info added by the editor.

The story was selected for the main page, top (above the fold in print terms), and earns me 20,000 won in cybercash, app. $20 US. OhMy! – you won’t rake in the bucks like Carl Bernstein but the system works. | See Mark Rose Bio

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