London & New York, Survivors

A few days ago I posted an item, below, congratulating London on the Olympics. The tone invoked typical New York chauvenistic brio – take the Olympics, please. Within 24 hours, after bombs blew up a bus and ripped through subways in London, the post seemed insensitive and inappropriate. News moves fast.

I walked through the New York City streets for hours the day of the London blast. Security was obviously tightened. My brother called from California. “You afraid to go in the subway?” he asked. I laughed, probably the same reaction you would get from a Londoner to that question. The City seemed quieter, in solidarity, although no less determined.

We are seeing a lot of photos of the London blasts taken with cell phone cameras. The BBC posted photos that were sent in by citizens. Once again we are reaching beyond traditional news sources for information, visuals and “feelings” attached to a tragedy.

An Italian graphic artist named dario.agosta blogged this at

To me, London tube is a major symbol of London, and its identity is a major symbol of what good graphic design should be.

…none of us can really feel he or she is safe and sound from what happened in London yesterday, or from what happened in Madrid last year, or from what happened in New York in 2001, or from what happened and still is happening in occupied countries. None. Of. Us.

But, what can I really do (apart from quitting writing such drivel ?). Good point, gosh. I am a designer, I design bloody things.

So there you are.

Echoed from across the Atlantic: New York Stands. Unafraid. See Mark Rose Bio


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