London, Not New York? Phew!!!

Despite the ubiquitous advertising, the money, the celebs and the political stunts, few “ordinary” people I know in New York wanted the Olympics here in 2012. London got it and they are very happy and I am happy for them. Why?

First, why do we want to bring the world to New York when the world is already here? Diversity and teeming masses don’t impress us, we live in it. Second, New York operates perennially on the brink of breakdown. Add the stress of the people, infrastructure and security of the Olympics and we could completely disintegrate. Third, the Olympics have been all about politics and we’ve had enough. Mayor Bloomberg thankfully didn’t jam through an atrociously ugly stadium he claimed was necessary for he Olympics but he did manage to get the zoning necessary to turn the west end of midtown Manhattan into a condo mall.

Fourth, do the Olympics really make money? No. Fifth,and most important, bad timing. About 2012 Brookklyn will be a major metropolis with Bruce Ratner’s dozens of high-rises around the new Nets Stadium, the “Freedom Tower” – replacement to the World Trade Center will be up and occupied, and the west side of Manhattan will re-named Trumpville. The British are sensible, stable people. Let somebody else host the world for a change.
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