Developing Your Voice

If you are a writer you know that the most difficult and essential task is finding your voice. The good news about blogging is that it is forcing business people to rediscover (or discover) writing. The bad news is that you may never have had a voice or lost it so long ago that you’ll go crazy trying to find it.

There is help. A group in Canada is trying to establish a genre of “professional bloggers” and they have Tips on developing your blogging voice. They are also developing a new blogging platform called Qumana that will be released today. If Qumana delivers all that it promises it will be a very promising development. I have been investigating more robust alternatives to blogger (WordPress, MovableType, Drupal) . Qumana may be the way to go. Let’s see.|
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  1. Konstantin says:

    Writing is a lost art. Perhaps it is also a key to PR identity. Most of us write and care for writing. Whether in this new age of blogs, or in previous age of print media, interesting writing remains the common factor. Sadly, we often forget it and focus on some new tech advancements instead.

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