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Mark Rose, Week In Review, PRBlogNewsAnother Week In Review? Reminds me of the old Strumpette days, when I would be bound to blog on Sundays, concocting some PR mischief at a computer while everybody else was paddling around the lake or whatever they do on Sundays.

Who knew that those would be the “good old days” of PR blogging, when we were still jousting with ‘the establishment’ and giddy with the prospect of having our own printing press – this miraculous thing we call a blog.

Now you peruse the PR blogging landscape and you see a lot of grandstanding, self-aggrandizing, PR for PR.  The competition for your attention has become so intense that words become a river of spam labeled ‘content marketing.’

I don’t mean to bitch or lament for the old (pre-Twitter) days.  Even LinkedIn has “long form publishing”(essentially a blog). The democratization of information has obviously arrived, but the information becomes so massive, conflicting and diluted that its largely meaningless. Or, maybe I’m just reading too much Beckett this summer.

The highlight of this week was Bray’s piece that had a barnyard theme – killing the PR dog and pony and going straight to the horse’s mouth. Bray has been kicking up some dust with Facebook’s assault on the word and its intent to out-dominate even Google. Arnie snapped poets on the Brooklyn Bridge, and Howard was feted at Yankee Stadium. Elsewhere, Ronn Torossian spouted some kind of babble because he apparently can’t help it. Torossian claims that “PR is a mix of journalism, psychology and lawyering.” Maybe in his world. In mine, it’s about business. How does your investment in PR play a role in building your brand and your business? Measuring the effect of PR, and proving its value, is an imprefect science but it is always the bottom line question clients have. If I don’t address that question, I’m not keeping that client.Richard Edelman celebrating his 60th bday

Richard Edelman turns 60 today(60!) and vows not to go gentle into that good night. He said he would climb mountains, groom his children to take over the Empire, build more businesses, work out hard, do Yoga, travel the world… That’s it? What are you going to do on the second day, Richard? Didn’t you have prostate cancer a few years ago?

The Edelman story is remarkable. Father Dan strikes an independent path, son Richard builds it into the largest PR firm with 4,000+ employees and $700 million in revenue. Richard was an early adopter of ‘digital’ and he’s been a consistent blogger since 2004. I think that one of his motivations for building the business is so he would have a built-in audience for his blog.

Happy 60 Richard!  Blog on. This is your 10th year of blogging. This is Richard’s first blog post, on MY birthday, September 29, 2004: My First Blog. Here’s an excerpt – this is the spirit in which Richard starting blogging 10 years ago and it’s worth revisiting. He sounds downright revolutionary:

New Rules of Engagement–transparency, consistency, and respect. People want privacy out of a relationship. They also want a dialogue with a company. Companies’ demonstrate respect by providing great service, treating employees well and through an ethical approach to sourcing and business. Respect is personal — respect my wallet (don’t rip me off) and respect my time.

What we’re looking at for next week:  Landing Pages We Love. Some love single origin 82% cocoa dark chocolate with a triple shot of Sulawesi espresso straight up. We love a hot Landing Page. Why? Because we’re drowning in a river of spam and when a Landing Page grabs our attention and compels us to act we get excited, really excited. We’re sick like that. We’re also looking at Blogs We Love. I guess we’re just in a mood to love.

3 Ways To Kill The PR Dog And Pony Show

By David Bray
Special to PRBlogNews

David Bray, founder, dBray Media, member Influence Consulting Group partner network, guest blogger, PRBlogNewsIn my 16+ years in the PR business I’ve been through hundreds of new business pitches. It’s a strenuous process for all involved. To make the process more productive, and  hopefully less stressful, I’ve put together three points to remember when evaluating the right PR partner for your business.

1. Create a list of a handful of prospective partners relevant to your business. Don’t rely on the Internet for your leads. Ask for referrals from people you know and trust. Then do your homework on each of the prospective partners online so you’re comfortable and ready to take the next step.

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Arnie Adler Snaps Poets on Brooklyn Bridge

Arnold Adler, photographer

Arnold Adler, photographer

Huge congratulations to Arnie Adler, our fav NY corporate and editorial photographer, for his pics today in the Wall Street Journal story Poets House Holds Annual Brooklyn Bridge Walk, Honors Naomi Shihab Nye / Night Included Chicken Dinner in Dumbo Neighborhood. Arnie has been around for a while, he does great work, and he’s a consistent and appropriate marketer.  Arnie sends one of the few email updates we like to get because we see the great work he consistently produces.

This is one of those events I’m sorry I missed. I’ve never been to Poets House but it sounds wonderful. Excerpt from WSJ story:

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PRBlogNews Hisses and Claws Into Its 9th Year

Mark Rose PRBlogNews EditorWe’re the alley cat of PR blogs. We’re the Leon Spinks of media. PRBlogNews has been MIA for the past couple of years as we scoured the globe in search of universal truth and the mystic orb of oneness. We came up empty, heaving in a casino in a sweltering far east country we can’t remember.

Penniless, despondent beyond all hope, without skill or capital, we decided we could only do one thing – get back to PR blogging! Like a Brooklyn alley cat with nine lives we’re hissing and clawing once more.

What will we write about? We can pick up with some fav topics like Richard Edelman (the Grand Rebbe of PR), or Steve Rubel (pardon me but I’m choking on Twitter Twaddle and my head is glowing), or we can pick up on our pioneering coverage of psychedelic PR (there’s only so much acid you can take and still write a press release about starting a conversation with your favorite margarine).

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First Real-Time Twitter Race?

NASCAR / Coke Zero 400 / Daytona 2013 - Sprint 60/ Real Time Tweet and Leo Burnett enable first real time Twitter integration into Social TV Advertising today announced that Sprint in conjunction with Leo Burnett used’s Social TV Advertising platform, Sync, during TNT’s Wide Open coverage of NASCAR’s Coke Zero 400 in Daytona, Florida to power the world’s first real time Twitter-race during a sponsored segment.

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